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"The barn curtain that adjusts at the touch of a button."


ROLL-O-MATIC Curtains - Setting the Standard for Ag Curtains.

If you are searching for a curtain system or ridgevent system that is low maintenance, easy to operate and durable - Roll-O-Matic Curtains are the right one's for you.

If you are searching for a curtain system or ridgevent system that is custom designed and built to fit your facility, is produced by a leading manufacturer and would like a fast turn-around time; then DRI has what it takes to meet these challenges.

DRI offers a high quality curtain fabric that starts with 12-ounce Denier material which is then coated on both sides with 4 ml of Novathene Coating. The UV inhibitor assures a longer curtain life. During promotion, the curtain material is box lock stitched to provide a stronger, more durable hem to help assure the quality you desire. Our curtain system is designed to withstand heavy winds, snow, and seasonal harshness. They are also resistant to bacteria and fungus.


Tired of your curtains lying on the ground all year? Get the full value of air quality control at the touch of a button. We offer temperature controlled systems, electric systems with motors and drives and manual systems that are operated using a standard drill. Adjust your curtains with no strain anytime you choose, night or day. Your back will thank you.

Our DRI automated curtain systems are considered by the industry to be the highest quality and the most innovative curtain system on the market today.

What good are curtains you can't easily adjust?

Standard barn curtains are made to crank pull to change airflow control. Anything that difficult isn't getting done as regularly as it should, or even worse, happens only twice a year.

Are you tired of your barn curtains lying on the ground all year?

Curtains lying on the ground or side wall invite rodent infestation. Roll-O-Matic curtains roll up tightly and neatly to keep your barn looking clean and do not allow for rodents to nest in the curtains during the summer. It is time to get the full value of air quality control at the touch of a button. Adjust your curtains as often and when you want - with no strain, night or day.

Find out what our customers are saying; read their testimonials.

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